Department Resources Alongside this handbook, a teaching goal for the department is the development of an online TA Archive. This digital resource would provide TAs with sample handouts, outlines, notes, and strategies for section; grading guidelines; course syllabi; and other teaching templates. Creating such an archive will take the expertise, effort, and support of current graduate students. In the interest of maintaining a high level of teaching in the department, our collective knowledge and experiences as TAs would offer future TAs both practical materials for getting started and critical food for thought as they navigate their new role as teachers. If you are interested in helping to develop a TA Archive, please contact the CTL Liaison/TA Mentor.

University Resources

CTL Contact for Art History

Mariatte Denman

Associate Director for the Humanities

mdenman at stanford dot edu

CTL Contact for Teaching with Technology

Jeremy Sabol

Academic Technology Specialist

Academic Coaching Program

Adina Glickman

Associate Director for Academic Support

adinag at stanford dot edu

CTL’s Free Tutoring Program

Amy Chambers

Tutor Coordinator

a.chambers at stanford dot edu

Oral Communication Program

Doree Allen

Program Director

doree.allen at stanford dot edu

Writing in the Major

Claude Reichard


reichard at stanford dot edu

Stanford Writing Center

Clyde Moneyhun


writingcenter at

Athletic Academic Resource Center

Keiko Price

keikop at stanford dot edu

Undergraduate Academic Life

Academic Computing

Consulting and Multimedia Services (CAMS)

Meyer Library, 2nd Floor

Academic Technology Lab (for instructors)


Meyer Tech Desk


Career Development Center

Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research

Diversity and Access Office

Student Disability Resource Center

Office of the Omsbud

David Rasch

University Ombuds

rasch at stanford dot edu

Office of Judicial Affairs

judicial.affairs at stanford dot edu


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