ArtHist 1: Introduction to Visual Arts

ArtHist 2: Asian Art and Culture

ArtHist 101: Archaic Greek Art

ArtHist 106A: Art of Pilgrimage and Crusade

ArtHist 118: Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto

ArtHist 121: 18th Century Art in Europe

ArtHist 122: Age of Revolution

ArtHist 132: American Art and Culture (1528-1860)

ArtHist 143A: History of American Architecture

ArtHist 158B: Photography and its Histories

ArtHist 176: Feminism and Contemporary Art

ArtHist 182: Cultures in Competition: Chinese Art from 900-1550 CE

ArtHist 186: Themes and Styles in Japanese Art

ArtHist 190: African Art and Writing Traditions

ArtHist 203: Greek Art In and Out of Contexts

ArtHist 204A: Appropriations of Greek Art

ArtHist 206: Virginity and Power: Mary in the Middle Ages

ArtHist 259: The Fifties: Abstract Expressionism to Beat Culture

ArtHist 287A: History, Aesthetics, and Politics of Japanese Tea Ceremony

ArtHist 292: African Art and Museum Display

ArtHist 294: Caribbean and Latin American Art


FilmStud 4: Introduction to Film Studies

FilmStud 6: Introduction to Digital Media

FilmStud 100A: Silent Cinema FilmStud 100C: History of World Cinema III (1960-Present)

FilmStud 101: Cinematic Analysis

FilmStud 102: Theories of the Moving Image

FilmStud 114: Comics

FilmStud 115: Documentary Issues and Traditions

FilmStud 122: Kubrick

FilmStud 136: Gender and Sexuality in East Asian Cinema

FilmStud 145: Politics and Aesthetics in East European Cinema

FilmStud 153A: Transmedia TV

FilmStud 250A: History and Poetics of Cinematography

FilmStud 250A: Politics of Representation

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