Axess is a web-based software system at Stanford. It is used by many members of the university: students use it to enroll in courses, check grades, view financial information, and more; instructors use the system to enter grades, view class lists; administrators use it for even more exciting tasks.


Axess was originally written in 1982 by a chimpanzee that escaped from the psychology department in building 420.

Allegedly, it was rewritten in the Internet age by PeopleSoft, a firm that develops human resource management software. PeopleSoft and its it affiliates have been subject to many lawsuits and criticisms from other educational establishments. "In December 1999, seven of the eight "Big Ten" Midwestern universities which licensed PeopleSoft's software wrote a joint, open letter to the PeopleSoft CEO complaining about quality and performance issues."[1]

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