Programming Methodology (CS 106A) is an introductory computer science class which is typically the largest of the introductory programming courses with enrollment of ~1300 students per year.

It is usually the first exposure undergraduates get to computer science at the college level, especially if they have little or no programming experience.

The class meets for 3 50-minute lectures a week (typically Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and each student also signs up for a weekly section, which is led by an undergraduate CS 198 Section Leader.

Topics CoveredEdit

CS 106A teaches programming fundamentals using Karel the Robot, then the Java Programming Language for the majority of the class. There is an emphasis on appropriate programming style. CS106A is explicitly designed to appeal to humanists and social scientists as well as hard-core techies.

Notable projects typically done in 106A include Breakout, Hangman, Yahtzee, Namesurfer, Facepamphlet and Adventure Game.


There are no prerequisites for CS 106A.


CS 106A is often taught by Professors Eric Roberts, Mehran Sahami and Patrick Young.

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