Database Systems Principles (CS 245) is a course about how database systems are implemented. It is the database course that follows CS 145 and is a prerequisite for courses in the CS 340 series. It is generally offered in the winter, and in 2007 it is taught by Hector Garcia-Molina.


The course covers many aspects of implementing databases, though additional courses in the 340 series (especially CS 347) are required for a more thorough knowledge of modern practices.

File organization and access, buffer management, performance analysis, and storage management. Database system architecture, query optimization, transaction management, recovery, concurrency control. Reliability, protection, and integrity. Design and management issues.

Prerequisites and creditEdit

The course grants 3 units and is offered for a letter grade or CR/NCR.

CS 145 is a prerequisite for the class, thought it is possible to understand much of the material without formal database education.

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