Musical information (also called musical informatics) is a body of information used to specify the content of a musical work. There is no single method of representing musical content in symbolic contexts. Many digital systems of musical information have evolved since the 1950s, when the earliest efforts to generate music by computer were made. In the present day several branches of musical informatics exist. These support applications concerned mainly with sound, mainly with graphical notation, or mainly with analysis.

CS 275A (cross-listed as Music 253) is open to CS and EE students with an ability to read music at a level equivalent to 2-3 years of instrumental instruction. The course meets in the Braun Music Center #129.  The meeting times in Winter 2014 are Tu, Thu 1:15-3:05.  The course is taught jointly by Eleanor Selfridge-Field and Craig Stuart Sapp. 

Course contentEdit

An overview of course content is posted here:

Same page aliased as:

MIT Press has permitted to make Beyond MIDI (the suggested technical reference) available at:

The spring quarter material is briefly described at Music 254/CS 275b Syllabus

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