Much of the information on this page comes from the Engineering Handbook, pages 19-26:


Nearly all engineering majors share similar requirements in Mathematics, Science, Technology in Society, and Engineering Fundamentals. The Undergraduate Council of the School of Engineering is responsible for establishing lists of courses certified as satisfying these requirements, which appear in the tables included in this section. Other appropriate courses—such as more advanced courses—may be used to satisfy these requirements, but their use must be approved by petition. Petition forms found in the “Forms” section of this handbook and are also on the Undergraduate Handbook website ( All petitions should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs, Terman 201. A student must obtain petition approval prior to enrolling in any course she or he wishes to use in satisfying one of these requirements. Further information is available in the Office of Student Affairs.

Approved courses by subject areaEdit


BIOSCI 41, BIOSCI 42, BIOSCI 43, CEE 63, CEE 64, CEE 70, CHEM 31A CHEM 31B, CHEM 31X, CHEM 33, CHEM 35, CHEM 36, CHEM 131, CHEM 135, EARTHSYS 10, ENGR 31, GES 1*, GES 2*, PHYSICS 41, PHYSICS 43, PHYSICS 45, PHYSICS 44, PHYSICS 46, PHYSICS 60 series

Science, Technology, and SocietyEdit

STS 101/STS 201 (ENGR 130) *†, STS 110 (MS&E 197) *†, STS 112, STS 115 (ENGR 131) *, STS 125, STS 160, STS 163, STS 170*, POLISCI 114S, COMM 120/COMM 220, COMM 169 *, MS&E 193 *, MS&E 181 *, ENGR 145, PP 194 †, CS 201X (OS; Berlin) *†

* Approved STS courses for MS&E majors.

† Approved STS courses for Environmental Engineering majors.

Engineering FundamentalsEdit

ENGR 10, ENGR 14, ENGR 15, ENGR 20, ENGR 25, ENGR 30, ENGR 40, ENGR 50/50M †, ENGR 60, ENGR 62, ENGR 70A*,ENGR 70B *, ENGR 70X *

† Only one of the ENGR 50 courses may be applied toward the Engineering Fundamentals requirement.

* ENGR 70 series is the same as CS 106A,B or CS 106X. Electrical Engineering majors must complete either CS 106X, or CS 106A and CS 106B. However, if a student elects to take CS 106A and CS 106B, CS 106B does not count toward the 45 units of Engineering Depth in Electrical Engineering.