Digital Systems II (EE 108B) is an introductory course in the design of processor-based digital systems. The course is a required course for the CS major and is offered in the autumn and winter. See the EE 108B (Winter 2007) page for information about the current course.

Credits and prerequisitesEdit

The course grants 3-4 units and fulfills the engineering and applied sciences GER.

The prerequisites listed in the Stanford Bulletin are EE 108A and CS 106. However, only 108B is required for the CS major.

Course overviewEdit

The course is all about processor-based digital systems. Topics include instruction sets, low-level data structures, introduction to operating systems and compilers, processor microarchitecture, microprogramming, pipelining, memory systems and caches, IO interrupts, buses and DMA, system design implementation alternatives, software/hardware trade-offs.

The course has a lab component that involves the design of processor subsystems and processor-based embedded systems.

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