Stanford students and faculty are each granted an email address that corresponds to his or her Leland user name. These email addresses are of the form and come bundled with access to webmail, 200 megabytes of storage, and POP/IMAP access.

Email server configuration settingsEdit

The official email site has a full configuration guide. The following is a synopsis of general email settings for connecting to email through IMAP:

Incoming Server Settings

   Incoming Server: your
   Username: your sunetid
   Authentication Type: Passwords
   Password: your sunetid password (Do not have your email client save your password)
   Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Required
   Port: 995

Outgoing Server Settings

   Outgoing Server:
   Server Requires Authentication: Yes
   Username: your sunetid
   Authentication type: Passwords
   Password: your sunetid password
   Save Password: No
   Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Required
   Port: 465 (you can also use 25)

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