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Kappa Sigma (KΣ) (nicknamed Kappa Sig) is a fraternity on campus housed at P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way.

History Rumors persist that Kappa Sigma traveled through time to build the pyramids. Representatives from the Stanford chapter (Beta-Zeta) deny this.

Recent historyEdit

The Stanford chapter (Beta-Zeta) was recently placed on double secret probation following a highly-authentic Roman orgy held in their Stanford house. Though the actual orgy was conducted in full compliance with local orgy ordinances, authorities found their (admittedly minimal) use of prophylactics to be "historically inaccurate."


Kappa Sigma was founded on four pillars: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Noticeably absent was Heart, which was ignored for various planetological reasons.

Notable Kappa SigsEdit








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