Introduction to Syntax is a 4-unit introductory class in syntactic theory. This class is a requirement for Symbolic Systems major and Linguistics major. In Fall 2006, this class is taught by Professor Thomas Wasow.


There's no formal prerequisite for this class.

Materials coveredEdit

This syntactic theory covered in this class is based on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. The class starts with some simple theories of grammar and then moves on to complex feature values, semantics, binding theory, passive structure, and etc.


This class is 100% take-home, so it's good to take with friends who you can discuss problem sets with. The workload is not that bad. You have one problem set a week, one take-home midterm, and one take-home final. The lecture is not particularly useful because it cannot cover everything you need to know to do the problem set. But it's important that you keep up with the reading because new chapters are based on old chapters. This class is particularly useful for those who want to pursue work in Natural Language Processing and linguistics research. Overall, it's a decent class.