The following is a list of all the courses at Stanford (as documented on this wiki) grouped by department. At present the wiki does not contain complete course i


African and African American Studies (AFRICAAM)Edit

African Studies, Center For (AFRICAST)Edit

African and Middle Eastern Languages (AMELANG)Edit

American Studies (AMSTUD)Edit

Anesthesia (ANES)Edit

Anthropological Sciences (ANTHSCI)Edit

Applied Linguistics (APPLLING)Edit

Applied Physics (APPPHYS)Edit

Archaelogy (ARCHLGY)Edit

Art History (ARTHIST)Edit

Art Studio (ARTSTUDI)Edit

Asian American Studies (ASNAMST)Edit

Astronomy (ASTRNMY)Edit

Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (ATHLETIC)Edit

Biochemistry (BIOC)Edit

Bioengineering (BIOE)Edit

Biological Sciences/Hopkins Marine (BIOHOPK)Edit

Biomedical Informatics (BIOMEDIN)Edit

Biophysics (BIOPHYS)Edit

Biological Sciences (BIOSCI)Edit

Cultural and Social Anthropology (CASA)Edit

Cancer Biology (CBIO)Edit

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)Edit

Chemistry (CHEM)Edit

Chemical Engineering (CHEMENG)Edit

Chicana/o Studies (CHICANST)Edit

Chinese General (CHINGEN)Edit

Chinese Language (CHINLANG)Edit

Chinese Literature (CHINLIT)Edit

Classics Art/Archeology (CLASSART)Edit

Classics General (CLASSGEN)Edit

Classics Greek (CLASSGRK)Edit

Classics History (CLASSHIS)Edit

Classics Latin (CLASSLAT)Edit

Computational and Mathematical Engineering (CME)Edit

Communication (COMM)Edit

Comparative Literature (COMPLIT)Edit

Comparative Medicine (COMPMED)Edit

Computer Science (CS)Edit

Continuing Studies Program (CSP)Edit

Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CSRE)Edit

Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)Edit

Cardiothoracic Surgery (CTS)Edit

Dance (DANCE)Edit

Developmental Biology (DBIO)Edit

Dermatology (DERM)Edit

Drama (DRAMA)Edit

Earth Systems (EARTHSYS)Edit

East Asian Studies (EASTASN)Edit

Economics (ECON)Edit

Education (EDUC)Edit

Electrical Engineering (EE)Edit

Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences (EEES)Edit

English for Foreign Students (EFSLANG)Edit

Energy Resources Engineering (ENERGY)Edit

English (ENGLISH)Edit

Engineering (ENGR)Edit

Ethics in Society (ETHICSOC)Edit

Feminist Studies (FEMST)Edit

Practice of Film (FILMPROD)Edit

Film Studies (FILMSTUD)Edit

Finance (FINANCE)Edit

French General (FRENGEN)Edit

French Language (FRENLANG)Edit

French Literature (FRENLIT)Edit

Genetics (GENE)Edit

Geophysics (GEOPHYS)Edit

German General (GERGEN)Edit

German Language (GERLANG)Edit

German Literature (GERLIT)Edit

Geological and Environmental Sciences (GES)Edit

GSB General and Interdisciplinary (GSBGEN)Edit

History (HISTORY)Edit

History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)Edit

Human Resource Management (HRMGT)Edit

Health Research and Policy (HRP)Edit

Human Biology (HUMBIO)Edit

Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humananities (HUMNTIES)Edit

Humanities and Sciences (HUMSCI)Edit

International Comparative and Area Studies (ICA)Edit

Introduction to the Humanities (IHUM)Edit

Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (IIS)Edit

Immunology (IMMUNOL)Edit

Medicine Interdisciplinary (INDE)Edit

International Relations (INTNLREL)Edit

Interdisciplinary Program in Environ. and Resources (IPER)Edit

International Policy Studies (IPS)Edit

Italian General (ITALGEN)Edit

Italian Language (ITALLANG)Edit

Italian Literature (ITALLIT)Edit

Japanese General (JAPANGEN)Edit

Japanese Literature (JAPANLIT)Edit

Japanese Language (JAPANLNG)Edit

Jewish Studies (JEWISHST)Edit

Korean General (KORGEN)Edit

Korean Language (KORLANG)Edit

Latin American Studies (LATINAM)Edit

Law (LAW)Edit

Linguistics (LINGUIST)Edit

Mathematics (MATH)Edit

Materials Science and Engineering (MATSCI)Edit

Molecular and Cellular Physiology (MCP)Edit

Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS)Edit

Mechanical Engineering (ME)Edit

Medicine (MED)Edit

Medical Information Sciences Program (MEDIS)Edit

Medieval Studies (MEDVLST)Edit

Economic Analysis and Policy (MGTECON)Edit

Microbiology and Immunology (MI)Edit

Marketing (MKTG)Edit

Does anyone know that degree of Marketing major at Stanford is "Higher Diploma" ? Please kindly put the correct answer to the truly degree awarded to the graduated student. Thanks!

Master of Liberal Arts (MLA)Edit

Molecular Pharmacology (MPHA)Edit

Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)Edit

Modern Thought and Literature (MTL)Edit

Music (MUSIC)Edit

Native American Studies (NATIVEAM)Edit

Neurobiology (NBIO)Edit

Neurology and Neurological Sciences (NENS)Edit

Neurosciences Program (NEPR)Edit

Neurosurgery (NSUR)Edit

Organizational Behavior (OB)Edit

Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN)Edit

Operations Information and Technology (OIT)Edit

Ophthalmology (OPHT)Edit

Orthopedic Surgery (ORPS)Edit

Stanford Program in Australia (OSPAUSTL)Edit

Stanford Program in Beijing (OSPBEIJ)Edit

Stanford Program in Berlin (OSPBER)Edit

Stanford Program in Florence (OSPFLOR)Edit

Overseas Seminars (OSPGEN)Edit

Kyoto Center for Japanese Studies (OSPKYOCT)Edit

Stanford Program in Kyoto.SCTI (OSPKYOTO)Edit

Stanford Program in Moscow (OSPMOSC)Edit

Stanford Program in Oxford (OSPOXFRD)Edit

Stanford Program in Paris (OSPPARIS)Edit

Stanford Program in Santiago (OSPSANTG)Edit

Otolaryngology (OTOHNS)Edit

Pathology (PATH)Edit

Pediatrics (PEDS)Edit

Philosophy (PHIL)Edit

Physics (PHYSICS)Edit

Political Economics (POLECON)Edit

Political Science (POLISCI)Edit

Portuguese Language (PORTLANG)Edit

Portuguese Literature (PORTLIT)Edit

Psychiatry (PSYC)Edit

Psychology (PSYCH)Edit

Public Policy (PUBLPOL)Edit

Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR)Edit

Radiology (RAD)Edit

Radiation Oncology (RADO)Edit

Russian, East European, and Eaurasian Studies (REES)Edit

Religious Studies (RELIGST)Edit

Structural Biology (SBIO)Edit

Stanford Introductory Seminars (SIS)Edit

Stanford in Washington (SIW)Edit

Slavic General (SLAVGEN)Edit

Slavic Language (SLAVLANG)Edit

Slavic Literature (SLAVLIT)Edit

Structured Liberal Education (SLE)Edit

Sociology (SOC)Edit

Sophomore College (SOPHCOLL)Edit

Spanish Language (SPANLANG)Edit

Spanish Literature (SPANLIT)Edit

Special Language Program (SPECLANG)Edit

Statistics (STATS)Edit

Strategic Management (STRAMGT)Edit

Science, Technology, and Society (STS)Edit

Surgery (SURG)Edit

Symbolic Systems (SYMBSYS)Edit

Tibetan Language (TIBETLNG)Edit

Urban Studies (URBANST)Edit

Urology (UROL)Edit