11/19: Please meet with Adi before Dec 1st to review Project 3. The earlier the better.

Office hours: 11/19: 1400-1530 11/20: 0900-1100 11/21: 1100-1300

Location: Y2E2 473 Via Ortega This is to the Southwest of Packard and Northeast of Roble pool.

Email me if this does not work for you and we'll work out a time. I will *not* be holding regular office hours during Thanksgiving break, so please try and meet with me this week. I will post office hours for next week as I know my schedule better.

10/15: Office hours today will be in Adi's office at Room 338 Y2E2. 2-3.30pm

10/14: Office hours today will be in Adi's office at Room 338 Y2E2. 1230 - 2 pm.

10/13: John will not be in class today. Adi will teach. Slides for today's lecture:

Section has *finally* been resolved to: 1215-1305, Mondays, 160-325.

10/2: I will be coming to class on Friday from an off-campus presentation with tight timing, so I may be a few minutes late. Don't panic if I'm not there right at 10:00. -JO-

9/30: Discussion Section: Monday 12:15-1:05 in 160-325.

9/30: New class wiki:

9/30: Check the Project 1 page for detailed info.

9/30: Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP is on campus today:

9/29: Section 1: Monday, 9/29: Gates 260, 1230 - 1330. Please bring your laptops.


John Ousterhout's Monday office hour has moved: it is now 1400-1500.

Adi's office hours: Tuesday 1230 - 1400 and Wednesday 1400 - 1530.

Location: Gates B24B

9/24: New classroom from 9/26: Building 200, Room 305. [| Google Maps link to new classroom.]

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