Project 2 - Analyzing a Web Toolkit, Library, or Framework Edit

In the second project for CS349W you will pick an existing toolkit, framework, or library for Web application development, learn how it works, and present the basic ideas to the class along with a critique of its strengths and weaknesses. The list below contain some possible candidates for the project; feel free to add your own ideas to the list. Once you have picked a system for your project, add your name next to it in the list to claim it.

Project Deliverables Edit

At the end of this project you'll make a short presentation to the class about the package that you have analyzed, and also produce a 2-3-page write-up attached to this Wiki just like the previous project. Your presentation and write-up should include the following information:

  • What does the package do? Give a brief overview describing the general facilities in the package.
  • Give a specific example illustrating how the package might be used and how it makes it easier to develop Web applications.
  • What is most unique about this package? How is it different from other things you have seen or that we have discussed in class?
  • Critique: what do you think are the best things about this package? What are its greatest weaknesses? Are there particular kinds of applications for which this package is particularly well-suited?

Class Presentations Edit

For this project you will have 10 minutes to present your package to the class. This is enough time for about 3-6 PowerPoint slides.

Schedule Edit

Here is the tentative schedule for the project:

Mon. Oct. 27, 5:00 P.M. -     Team and topic selected
Fri. Nov.  7, 5:00 P.M. -     Project finished: writeup on Wiki
Mon. Nov. 10 - Fri. Nov. 14 - Presentations in class

Possible Topics Edit

The list below contains some possible candidate systems to analyze in this project; please add on to the list with any systems you are aware of that help people build Web applications. If names are present next to a topic it means the topic has been "claimed" by that team.

Presentation Order Edit

The project presentations in class will be in the following order, from top to bottom.

Monday, November 10:

  • Kim/Zho
  • Bhatia/Tenneti
  • Robertson/Raghavan
  • Fischer
  • Li/Addy

Wednesday, November 12th:

  • Martin/Patnaik
  • Underhill/Chen
  • Eastham
  • Abhinoraseth/Zhang
  • Wetterwald/Mao

Friday, November 14:

  • Sanchez/Oguntebi
  • Bercovitz/Teh
  • Eggleston/Travis
  • Chen
  • Choi/Khare

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