Stanford is a research university where tremendous amounts of time, money, and resources are spent on projects in many areas of study.

Research by studentsEdit

Students at all levels have ample opportunities to conduct research at Stanford.

Research by undergraduatesEdit

Undergraduates may conduct supervised, independent research or work under primary investigators on existing projects. For many majors and honors tracks, research is a required component to graduate. Undergraduate Research Programs oversees research activity for undergraduates by offering grants and assistance searching for research. Some students do not find URP assistance entirely helpful, as they often simply refer students to particular departments for further inquiry.

Research by medical studentsEdit

Stanford's medical school is highly oriented towards medical research.


Sources of FundingEdit

Research at Stanford is funded by a multitude of sources, including the university endowment, grants from institutions like NIH, and private and corporate funds.

Appropriation of Funds Across DisciplinesEdit

It is unclear how exactly funding is dispersed across disciplines, but it is rumored that the schools of engineering, business, and medicine receive by far the largest amount of research funding.

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