Today, over 10,000 students live in some 80 residences on the Stanford campus. Approximately 93 percent of undergraduates and 52 percent of matriculated graduate students at the home campus live in University housing.

The Stanford residence system is among the largest and most diverse in the nation. Residences vary greatly in their program, size, age, style of architecture, and layout of student rooms. What they hold in common is the goal of providing students with strong, pluralistic communities that support students' academic and personal goals and achievement.

Undergraduate ResidencesEdit

Undergraduate residences are home to approximately 6,210 students. They run the gamut from cramped singles in some dorms to gigantic rooms housing 4 to 5 students in some row houses.


Florence MooreEdit

Freshman-Sophomore CollegeEdit

Governor's CornerEdit


Manzanita ParkEdit



Sterling QuadEdit




Row HousesEdit

Fraternities and SororitiesEdit

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