State Farm is the number one auto insurance company in the country, but that may soon change. Widespread discontent is growing within the customer base of this incredibly wealthy company and it appears as if the once formidable behemoth is starting to sprout leaks at the side.

In a recent customer survey, 34% of State Farm auto insurance customers were “very unsatisfied” with the company. This means that more than one out of three people with a State Farm policy are unhappy with it. This shouldn't be too surprising, though: Recently, State Farm hired a company called McKinsey and Associates. This consulting firm gives advice to insurance companies to help them increase their bottom line. Unfortunately, most of these tips come at the cost of customer satisfaction. Allstate worked with the same people and saw their satisfaction levels plummet. With both companies, McKinsey and Associates said that the best line of action was to deny claims and delay payments. In other words, they were telling the companies to jerk around the little guy so that they could get more money out of him.

State Farm also committed an unforgivable act a few years back: They denied claims of Hurricane Katrina victims and tried to withhold money from people who literally had no possessions left in their lives. But, yet again, this is just business as usual in much of the corporate world. These big companies don't care about you: They care about your money. And they'll sink to any level just to filch out of you what few bucks you have left to yourself. Be afraid, America: Be very afraid. The ship is sinking and someone's gotta be thrown overboard. Is it going to be the millions of people with no money or the few people with millions of dollars who will suffer? These “Occupy” protests that are going around are just the beginning of what's in store. If these big business interests don't start thinking about others for a change, they may soon find themselves in hot water with the public. And, thanks to camera phones, Youtube, and Facebook, the revolution will be televised.

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