Stanford has a thriving artistic and musical community, including theater groups such as Ram's Head Theatrical Society, and award-winning a cappella music groups, such as the Stanford Mendicants, Stanford Fleet Street Singers, Stanford Harmonics, Mixed Company, Talisman A Cappella, and Everyday People.

Stanford's dance community is one of the most vibrant in the country, with an active dance division (in the Drama Department) and over 30 different dance-related student groups, including the Stanford Band's Dollie dance troupe.

Perhaps most unique of all is its social and vintage dance community, cultivated by dance historian Richard Powers and enjoyed by hundreds of students and thousands of alumni. Stanford hosts monthly informal dances (called Jammix) and large quarterly dance events, including Ragtime Ball (fall), the Stanford Viennese Ball (winter), and Big Dance (spring). Stanford also boasts a student-run swing performance troupe called Swingtime and several alumni performance groups, including Decadance and the Academy of Danse Libre.

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