The Bridge is a group of student counselors providing free, confidential, 24-hour peer counseling services to Stanford and the neighboring community. As peer counselors, we are here to listen, to explore feelings, or just to talk. Our goal is to help you to develop your own solutions to problems or uncertainties that you may be dealing with. All our services are completely free and confidential. You can become a peer counselor by taking EDUC 193 (offered every quarter).

Brief History of The Bridge Edit

The Bridge began in 1971 primarily as a student-run drug counseling center. Since then, it has evolved into a general peer counseling, workshop, and support center for Stanford University and the surrounding area. We are a community of staffers, coordinators, and live-in counselors who receive ongoing training and evaluation. Staff members serve as volunteer counselors for a few hours each week after completing the 10 week training course. Coordinators directly administer publicity, finances, workshops, and dorm outreach programs in addition to other activities. The live-ins are the resident counselors at The Bridge, serving as the administrative and counseling leadership and the backbone of our 24-hour counseling service.

Philosophy of The Bridge Edit

It is our belief that people have the fundamental ability to help and support others through personal interaction. We offer the peer counseling and support to help people develop their own solutions. We are here to listen, to explore feelings, to help sort out problems and uncertainties, or just to talk.

Contact information Edit

Phone: 650-723-3392 (3-3392 from any campus phone) (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
Address: 581 Capistrano Way (behind the Faculty Club, across from Bechtel (9am-midnight, 7 days a week).
Email: [1].

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