Free Food @ StanfordEdit

A website that processes Stanford listserv emails and posts those that mention free food (using AI and NLP). Subscribe to a daily digest to get emails directly to your inbox.

You can also check a brand new app Ypay that allows students to find the nearest free meal on their campus.


A website which has the latest free food events on Stanford campus. Events are added by users as well as an automated computer program (food-bot) which uses AI and natural language processing to find free food events.

Stanford Free Food BlogEdit

Add their Google Calendar or their Web feed to stay updated with the latest Free Food.


In each copy of publications such as the Stanford Directory and Stanford Unofficial Guide, there are several coupons for free pizza slices at Pizza My Heart, Pizza Chicago, and others. These restaurants are located in Palo Alto for the most part.

By Day of the WeekEdit


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6:00PM, Stammtisch at Haus Mitt. Free German dinner and dessert. But you are forbidden to speak English and will be forced to communicate in German.

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  • free lunches at Black Community Services Center


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